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Boys and Girls Track - all grades

Tenafly Middle Schools offers Boys and Girls Spring Track, all grades.  If your child would like to try out for the team, please read this carefully. 

Sports Medical Forms are part of the registration process and may require a doctor’s visit.  These forms are due: 
March 7, 2024 

Print, complete a hard copy of either the PPE or HHQ - click forms to download: 

  • A  PPE (pre-participation physical examination)  medical form must be submitted by students who need to provide us with an updated sports physical exam (ex: students whose sports physical has expired and is therefore no longer valid.) 
  • An HHQ (Health History Questionnaire) medical form must be submitted by students who already have a “valid” sports physical exam on file with us (ex: a sports physical exam which has been done within 364 days prior to the start of the sport season in which they wish to participate)

Please submit forms by March 7, since students will not be able to try out or participate in any sport until their medical form is received, reviewed, and cleared. 

These sports medical forms must be submitted to the TMS school nurse. 

There will be on-line registration through the parent portal, as well.  Please keep an eye out for notification that the form is available on the Genesis Parent Portal to complete your registration. 

There will be an interest meeting, for students only, after school on Monday, February 5. Students will meet the coaches and be given information on how to sign-up, practices, meets, and Track Tee shirt purchases.