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Mission and Vision

Tenafly Middle School - A Community of Caring and Excellence

Our Mission and Vision

Tenafly Middle School, in partnership with parents and the larger community, is dedicated to the growth and development of young adolescents by providing an environment that promotes academic rigor, academic integrity, social responsibility and lifelong learning.” Therefore, in recognition of the unique needs and characteristics of these students. . .

Our curriculum and instruction emphasizes:

  • Content mastery as well as applied skills in all disciplines so students can think critically communicate effectively  and become informed decision makers
  • Instructional pacing matched to students’ abilities and competencies
  • Understanding for systems of knowledge, themes and concepts
  • Open-ended yet guided questioning that encourages student inquiry
  • Meaningful homework and individual projects that promote higher order thinking
  • Making valid and important connections among disciplines
  • Self-reflection, goal setting and self-monitoring
  • Real world applications that are problem or issue-based 

Our school culture promotes:

  • A safe, supportive, and nurturing environment in which every individual feels a sense of belonging
  • Acts of kindness, respect, and recognition between and among all members of the school community
  • Willing and active involvement in service to the school and greater community
  • Honest, respectful, and responsible behavior
  • Understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, talents, ideas and learning styles
  • Opportunities to take risks, explore personal interests and abilities, and engage in self-expression with the freedom, support and encouragement to do so
  • Personal growth through effective self-management
  • An atmosphere in which everyone in the T.M.S. community shares the responsibility to act on these beliefs and to help each other to do the same

To this end, students, teachers, staff, administrators and the community will work together in the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.