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World Language

Welcome to the World Language Department of Tenafly Middle School.  Students at TMS study French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.  Students make a three-year commitment to their language of study to maximize the opportunity to improve language proficiency as they move through the middle school sequence.  

Faculty News
Ms. Seung Yoon will be teaching French this year at TMS.  Ms. Yoon has taught ELL and French for many years at both at TMS and THS.  

The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standard for World Languages:
7.1 World Languages All students will be able to use a world language in addition to English to engage in meaningful conversation, to understand and interpret spoken and written language, and to present information, concepts, and ideas, while also gaining an understanding of the perspectives of other cultures. Through language study, they will make connections with other content areas, compare the language and culture studied with their own, and participate in home and global communities.

World Language Student Accomplishments - 2023

World Language Student Accomplishments - 2023

BV Chapter 2

Buen Viaje I course materials