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Welcome to the Tenafly Public Schools Mathematics Department

Design Fractal Math Digital Spiral Mathematics

Design Fractal Math Digital Spiral Mathematics

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Department Supervisor

Mrs. Amelia Bowers
K-12 Supervisor of Mathematics
201-816-4500 x4529



"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."
Albert Einstein

The Mathematics Department of Tenafly Public Schools offers a dynamic sequencing of courses designed to provide students with the opportunity to complete four years of mathematics. While the New Jersey Department of Education's graduation requirements include three years of mathematics, all students are strongly encouraged to complete four years of mathematics during their high school studies. Our mathematics curriculum is designed to provide all students with the appropriate rigor and depth necessary to build a strong foundation in mathematics, both conceptually and procedurally.  Enrollment in mathematics courses is a sequential progression. The courses students enroll in from one year to the next are dependent upon their completion and success in previous classes. Therefore, it is critical to understand that placement in mathematics classes is reliant upon course sequence not grade level. All students must complete an Algebra I class to advance in the mathematics sequence that is appropriate for their program.